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The Fam2Fam RV Rental Advantage
We offer you the same reliability and insurance coverage as the big boys (and girls) but since you’re family, we provide the following:
1. Pots, pans, utensils: At no additional charge – enjoy paying $9.95 for a pot and pan package with the other guys. No cheese grater? No problem . Seriously, will you get in the RV and just go already?!
2. Propane grill, chairs, carpet and ….wait for it…pillow top beds. And the cost? Nada. Grill away grill master and then sleep comfortably
3. Slide-out units: You know what those are? Press a button and instant family room. Why is that important? Um, it might rain and you’ll need room for your board games without putting the scrabble board on Jr.’s lap.
4. No traveling billboard: We don’t shame you with external advertising. Hey, honk, I’m just renting. Who do you think vandals will mess with? The family in the normal RV or the family in the normal rig. We trust you to advertise for us. Tell your friends. Go on, do it. DO IT!
5. Free generator use: We trust you. You’re family. Just don’t be an idiot and run the generator all day 😉